To connect to Splash Wireless Internet, a radio + antenna combination unit is typically mounted on your structure in order to establish line of sight from your location to one of our broadcast towers. Radios operate at one of three traditional frequencies: 2.4Ghz, 5.8Ghz, and 900 MHz, depending on your location and tower access point. (These radios do not interfere with your AM/FM radio, television, or cell phone signals.) The radio is attached to your router using a Cat5 networking cable.

A wirelss router will be necessary to distribute our internet service throughout your home. Due to the wide range in customer needs and available models, Splash does not sell or provide wireless routers. Wireless routers can be purchased from various online retailers, Wal-Mart or other retailers. Our service does not require or use a modem. (Routers that include a modem will be incompatible with our equipment)

Splash Wireless offers a variety of options for installation in order to best suit your needs and establish line of sight to one of our towers.


Splash Wireless Internet requires a line of sight connection to one of our existing tower locations. This is typically best established by mounting an antenna on the roof of your residence or business. We may also be able to mount on the fascia along the side of your roof.

Standard Install Fee: $116.00

Tripod Mount

In some cases, additional elevation from your roof may be needed to establish line of site to one of our towers. A tripod mount allows us to gain between 10 to 15 feet in elevation from the peak of your roof.

Tripod installations require an additional charge for equipment costs.

Pole Mount

If you cannot have a dish secured to your roof, or line of sight cannot be established from your roof, a pole mount in your yard may be an option.

Pole mount installation costs vary per customer needs.


All of our customer antennas require line of sight to one of our Tower locations for a proper connection. In circumstances where line of sight cannot be established to an existing tower due to low elevation or obstructions, such as dense trees, a new tower on or near your property may be an option. Towers can be as short as 40 ft or as tall as 200 ft.

If you might be interested in your own tower, speak to one of our representatives for further details!

Things that may inhibit your ability to receive a good connection include terrain or obstructions, high voltage power lines in close proximity to your house, or if your house is at low elevation. 

Our service uses state of the art encryption. This assures that everything you do is completely private, and only available to you. Wireless networking technology has recently become a target for hackers, and people who want to get FREE Internet by pirating the airwaves. Rest assured you are protected by state of the art encryption to prevent you from becoming a target. For added security, we recommend purchasing a router/firewall. This adds additional protection for your computer from all unauthorized use, and provides you the ability to network as many computers as you choose at your locations.

Our service can be tailored to your individual requirements. For special accommodations, please contact us to discuss and design a service to fit your needs. At Splash Wireless Internet, we are here to make sure you get the most of your internet.