Splash Wireless Internet

Splash Wireless Internet, LLC is a family owned business offering wireless high-speed internet solutions to Richland and its surrounding areas. We have identified a need for quality high-speed internet in the rural areas, that is fast, reliable and among the most affordable. The Company seeks to fulfill an unmet need in rural communities for broadband internet service. Splash Wireless Internet, LLC can provide these services at a lower cost, with higher Internet speeds.


Company History

Splash Wireless Internet, LLC was founded by Brian Matthews, guided by Mitch Koep, with the idea of providing quality high-speed internet service to rural areas. Having been in areas with the only option being dial up internet, Splash Wireless Internet, LLC has observed the opportunity to provide quality high-speed internet to these areas.


Company Ownership Mission & Vision Statements

Splash Wireless Internet, LLC has set out on a mission to bring low cost, premium quality, broadband service to the rural areas of Richland and to make high quality cutting edge technology available and affordable to all communities. The Company envisions itself as a key provider of high speed Internet service to consumers and businesses to whom such service is otherwise cost-prohibitive or out of reach due to a lack of rural coverage by major providers. Splash Wireless also envisions itself as a reseller to anchor clients by providing cost effective solution at a lower price point.