If you are struggling with a slow Internet connection, we are here to help you. Our service uses equipment that, if needed, may be mounted to your structure similar to a satellite dish to receive the Internet. Service includes email address and an Internet connection that is always on. Splash Wireless Internet does not require a phone line, or cable TV connection. Wireless Internet Service is available to anyone who lives within range of our service area*.

Join Splash Wireless Internet and be on the cutting edge of technology.

We’ve continued to work hard to setup a reliable Internet service that is fast, secure, and most importantly AVAILABLE TO YOU!

We offer both residential and business service. Refer to our service packages to find the package that fits your budget and meets your Internet needs.

To enjoy your Internet our service allows you the option to roam within our service area with only a wireless network card in your laptop.

*Certain conditions may prevent you from receiving Splash Wireless Internet Services. These include distance, terrain, or obstructions that cause radio interference. Prior to installation we will conduct a site survey to determine if further equipment is required.